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Excellency President of United States of America Mr. Donald Trump

Ali Lahrouchi ( Arabic articles )

2019 / 1 / 1
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The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Amsterdam : 24/12/1018

Excellency President of United States of America Mr. Donald Trump,

You have achieved for the people of America, in a short time, what did not achieve any previous president of USA before you. You have exposed the false flattery of the corrupt media that serve tyrants, mighty thug presidents and kings such as the king of Morocco, Mohamed VI, and the Arab gulf dictatorships who rent some international media pens and pay them from the money looted to their people in order to improve their deadly evil images and deceive the free world by the legitimacy of their stay in power in their countries that they rule by fist of fire and iron.
You have done all you can to make the American people happy, and not to provide your political, military and security support to any tyrant who does not pay for that backing. In this context, you asked --dir--ectly the rulers of the kingdom of evil, murder, and terrorism of Saudi Arabia to pay more if they wanted to stay in power--;-- you were honest in your request. We want to inform your excellency that the Alawite monarchy regime of Morocco has been paying the French Government secretly for decades in order to remain in power while Moroccans suffer extreme poverty and exclusion. Moroccans are exhausted by the French tutelage imposed on them and no longer bear this situation, and they prefer to deal with other nations that did not shed the blood of their people as did the gangs French and Spanish.
Dear President of the United States,
The Saudis, the sons of the desert and the tent, the beasts and the drinkers of the camelís urine, kill the dead and walk in his funeral. You sinned when you considered Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, while you had to consider Mecca as the capital of the Jewish people instead, so that you would contribute to the freedom of the world from the terrorism of the Gulf pigs, headed by the Saudis who dominate the kingdom of crime. In fact, he Jewish tribes were living in the Arabian peninsula, in the city of Yathrib, until the seventh century before they were killed by Muhammad, the prophet of evil. All living powers and conscience of the civilized world interested in peace and justice in our planet, should provide support to people that confront the pigs of the Gulf, such as Kurdish people and Amazigh people in North Africa, so they can fight their occupation by the Arab Quraishi terrorists and their vicious Islamic ideology which is largely financed by the oil manna.
Dear President of the United States,
The Alawite monarchy dictatorship of Morocco displaced thousands and thousands of Jews to Israel by various pressures and constraints put on them, and retained a minority educated elite among them. The world Jewish congress lobby is used by the Moroccan regime to improve its image in the civilized western countries and in the United States of America too. The Jewish world congress is also utilized to stop all international resolutions against the regime of Morocco and all condemnations of humanitarian organizations against the monarchy dictatorship because of its various human rights violations in the Moroccan territory.
Dear President of the United States,
The dictatorship of Morocco is playing multiple faces with the civilized Western countries. It may appear to the civilized world that it is extending its hand to fight prohibitions such as terrorism, drugs and illegal immigration while it still undergoes with all these prohibitions in secrecy. In fact, the despotic regime of Morocco is only spying on the Internal community decisions against the scourges in order to take counter-measures and continue to trade in these prohibitions in the total concealment. Briefly, the dictatorship of Morocco is not only taking the western countries in all fields but also drains it financially, politically, economically, and humanly. Iím surprised as many other people that the western intelligence services couldnít detect all that despite their sophisticated technology.
Dear President of the United States,
So as not to dwell on you in my narrative of the crimes of the Alawite dictatorship in Morocco, which assassinates citizens under torture, and immerses innocent people in prisons of humiliation and disgrace, thereby making fun of so-called judges, brokers called informants, criminals called security men, I urge you to think carefully that the stability of the world is not only nuclear disarmament, but also the cleansing of despotic rulers who caused the spread of despair, poverty, crime, sadness and loss of hope in the life of humankind who they rule by grip of iron and fire. All these human rights violations could turn into a bomb worse a nuclear power in any moment. Tyrants have spread hatred, racism, crimes, and everything the civilized world rejects by its laws and international conventions, and have made their peoples hate the civilized western countries and America without reasonable reasons.
Dear President of the United States,
I wish you will succeed in achieving all what you promised to American people and I appeal to you to realize the dream of other peoples in the planet who suffer under the yoke of dictatorships. Like the Amazigh people to Morocco. The imazighs are Islamized, Arabized, colonized and discriminated against in their own territory.They hope that they will have their independence from the French and the Arabs. We solicit your intervention in order to help all oppressed men and women across planet in order to get them freedom. Some interests may bind you with tyrants and dictators, however these interests could disappear at any moment when people manage to throw away their oppressors, when the interests that bind you to the peoples of the world are forever lasting.

Mr. President, please accept my profound respect.
Ali Lahrouchi