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Extremist Rabbis Hatred Advisory Opinions Promote Settlements , Encourage Terrorism to Abuse Palestinians

Madeeha Araj

2019 / 1 / 28
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By: Madeeha Araj,
The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements said in his weekly report that the investigations into the killing of Palestinian woman Aisha Moh d Rabi from Bedia village, who died after throwing stones at her husband s car in Oct. 018 showed that the terrorist attacks were carried out by a new Jewish terrorist organization against the Palestinians property and mosques. The Israeli Prosecution presented diluted indictment against the settler murderer of Aisha, saying it was "unintentional killing". According to the indictment filed by the Public Prosecutor s Office of the Central Court in Lod, the accused threw a stone weighing around 2 kilos at the Rabi vehicle and killed her near the Za tara checkpoint south of Nablus.

According to Hebrew sources, the prosecution didn t intend to file an indictment against other suspected, who were arrested on their involvement in her killing. According to the indictment, the accused and a number of his fellow are members of the Jewish religious institute "Berri Hae ts" in the settlement of Rahalim, they were at the institute the day she was killed, as they stumbled on a nearby hill overlooking St. 60, and attacked her. Israeli intelligence arrested 5 minors from a settlement near the Za tara checkpoint on suspicion of "Jewish terrorism" and later found that they are suspected of involvement in the killing of Aisha, but later on 4 of them were released.

Within this context, the ultra-Orthodox rabbi of Safed, a member of Israel s Supreme Rabbinical Council, Shmuel Eliahu known for issuing provocative opinions against Arabs, revealed a meeting with a number of extremist settlers accused of the killing after they were released from prison. In a sermon posted on YouTube, he said, you are the ones who are paving the way for the religious movement to reach power. He called on the settlers not to fear the prison, which he said was "graduates the kings" and leading them to the leadership of the State, saying that we must make the change. Two years ago, he also issued several opinions urging to harm the Palestinians and their property, allowing Jews to steal Arab property for allegedly being "thieves." The rabbi of Kiryat Arba, Dov Levyorfakal, said that whoever killed Arabs was a friend. Israeli PM Netanyahu described him as an Israeli leader. For his part, the Israeli Rabbi, Rosen has said that the Lord commanded Joshua ben Nun to kill the giants men, women, children, babies, and even the beasts, adding the Palestinians are the giants of this era, and therefore should be treated as the ancient giants.

In another context, the Israeli occupation authorities plan to evacuate the students of the Khalil Sakakini and Al-Quds Preparatory Schools in the Old City of Jerusalem by providing students with incentives and facilities for transferring them to other schools that follow the municipality of the occupation outside the walls of the Old City. The school principal was informed that it will be closed in 1.9.2019. The students will be transferred to other schools without any explanation for this serious decision. The schools include 385 Palestinian girls, stretches over 200 square meters. It is a-120 year old building. They were used as hospital and then as a headquarter for the Ottoman Caliphate. In 1917, the British Mandate turned it into a "police station".

On the other hand, in Jerusalem, the Central District Court issued a temporary order for the confiscation of a 2.7 dunums in the Mount of Olives area, where the late, Yasser Arafat owned 135 m. of them. Moreover, more than 800 Palestinian families are threatened by forced eviction in their homes in favor for Jewish settlement groups. Israeli courts have filed sues against hundreds of Palestinian families demanding the eviction of their homes. The danger of forced eviction threatens dozens of Palestinian families after an Israeli court ruled in favor of a settlement organization to evict the home of a Palestinian family in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, claiming it is owned by settlers.

For his part, Nikolai Miladinov, the UN envoy to the Middle East peace process, attacked Israel s policies and activities, especially military operations in the Palestinian territories. In a briefing to the Security Council on the Palestinian situation, Miladinov expressed his concern over the increase Israeli military operations in areas A and B in the West Bank. He noted that during the past period, Israel has allowed the construction of 3,100 settlement units in settlements in Area C and prepares plans for the construction of 2,500 additional settlement units and tenders for another 650 units in various settlements, most of which will be built in areas of the West Bank. Nablus and Hebron, besides legitimizing more than one settlement in Hebron. He noted that there are efforts to implement the law of confiscating Palestinian lands and whitening the settlements, which raises fears of annexation in the future. Pointing out that the law will apply to 66 outposts. He stressed the position of the United Nations and the international community that settlements were illegal and represented an obstacle before peace.

For its part, the Israeli Civil Administration confiscated and uprooted about 60 olive trees from the Palestinian lands and demolished retaining walls surrounding agricultural land near the Jab a military checkpoint. In a development that draws attention that accompanies the campaign for the early elections of the Knesset, the "Nahla" Settlement Movement organized a demonstration outside the headquarter of the right-wing Israeli Prime Minister in West Jerusalem demanding the settlement of more than 2 million Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank, demanding the settlement right to strengthen settlement in the Palestinian territories. Nahla also calls for the adoption of a clear settlement agenda and lift the "settlement freeze laws" on the settlements, claiming that "the Arabs are building continuously and sustainably.

A list of Israeli Occupation and Settlers Assaults over the Last Week, Documented by the National Bureau:
Order of demolition of houses, buildings and commercial establishments in Issawiya under the pretext of non-licensing.
Forcing a citizen to demolish his house with his own hands. Otherwise, the municipality s bulldozers do that, and then he will pay 80,000 NIS as a fine.

Attacking Palestinian cars in the village of Turemsaia, north of Ramallah, wrote racist slogans and smashed the windows of 3 cars.

Bulldozing 15 dunums of Palestinian agricultural land in the Wad al-Saman area, south of Hebron.
Hundreds of olive trees were cut in Wadi Abu al-Rish area near Safa, north of Beit Ummar village.
Stop work on the street of Beit Enoun "UNESCO", detained a number of machines belonging to the Municipality of Hebron. The Mayor of Hebron, Tayseer Abu Sneineh said that the Hebron Municipality has started to rehabilitate the infrastructure and expand the Beit Enoun Street, northeast of Hebron, for about 3 months, which is 2 km long, and is one of the main entrances to the northern city of Hebron.
Isolating a shop selling antiques and embellishments for tourists from the Ibrahimi Mosque with iron barriers to prevent the arrival of citizens and visitors, aiming to displace the citizens and merchants from the area in favor of settlement.

Bulldozing agricultural land and demolishing a retaining wall in the town of Batir, west of Bethlehem. They stormed the area of Khomar, and razed approximately 15 dunums of land belonging to the Abu Harithiya family, assaulted the owners. This is the second time that the Abu Harithiya family has been attacked in less than a year.
Storming Solomon s Pools area south of Bethlehem to perform Talmudic rituals.

Uprooting 30 old olive trees. 20 olive trees between 8 10 years were also uprooted in the northern part of the town on the ancient Qirqash area.
Confiscating a sewage tanker in the village of Haris West Salfit, and broke down the gate of the farm in which the tank was located.

Jordan Valley:
Chasing the Palestinian shepherds in the pastoral areas. The Israeli Nature Authority chases the shepherds almost on daily bases. " According to the website of the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories "B Tselem", "the occupation exploits most of the lands of the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea for its needs, and prevents Palestinians from using 85% of the area."